Fraud Protection Advice

Memorise your security details and securely destroy anything containing your security details as soon as you receive it.  When you set or change your security details, you must ensure they cannot be easily guessed.

Never write down or record your security details.  Never allow anyone else to use your security details.

Not quote your security details when you contact us by phone unless you are providing information to us in response to questions we ask as part of our security procedures.  When you give any security details over the phone, you must make sure that you cannot be overheard.

Never disclose your security details by email.  If you receive a suspicious email please do not open it or click on any links contained within it, instead report this to us immediately by forwarding the email to:

Always access:

a.       The online banking service via our website or by typing our website address into your web browser and

b.      The mobile banking service via our app.

Never go to the online banking service via a link in an email from other sources or following links from other sources to enter your security details.

Take reasonable steps to keep your equipment secure and do not leave your equipment unattended without locking access to it so that it cannot be used to access or use any service.  If you lose your equipment, including any confidential, sensitive or personal information contained in it, or it is stolen, or you become aware that third parties have gained access to your equipment, you must notify us immediately and change your security details.  If you fail to inform us, we are not responsible if your account information becomes known to someone else.  You should also protect your equipment’s software from any viruses and attacks by third parties by using the latest anti-virus software and a personal firewall as appropriate.

Take reasonable steps to secure your mobile device (for example to set up a security password or PIN) so that it cannot be used to access any service if it is lost or stolen.

Always be sure that you know the person you are sending money to and that you are comfortable with the reason you are sending money.

You must inform us as soon as you can if:

a.       You become aware of any error or any suspected error in the services or in any transaction resulting from using them.  You should check your account statements carefully.

b.      You suspect or discover that someone else knows your security details or you believe that your security details may have been misused.

We may give information to the police or to a regulatory authority without asking you about any misuse or abuse of your security details or of the services.

We may ask you to change your security details at any time and for any reason. You must change your security details should we request you to.

We can withdraw or suspend your security details:

a.       If we believe that this is necessary for security reasons.

b.      To prevent suspected unauthorised or fraudulent use of your account.

c.       For any reason provided for in your account terms.

d.      If there have been too many unsuccessful attempts to access any service using incorrect security details.

If we withdraw or suspend your security details:

a.       We will inform you and with reasons why beforehand, unless we are unable to inform you beforehand, in which case, we will inform you afterwards.

b.      We do not have to inform you that we are withdrawing your security details, if doing so would compromise our security or be unlawful

We enforce security protocols to ensure the security of communications made using the online and mobile banking services.

We will take all reasonable steps to safeguard the security of your confidential information when you use the services, but we cannot guarantee the security of any confidential information that is transmitted through the internet or via a mobile phone network.

You must always exit any service (including any device or mobile phone) when leaving your equipment unattended and before you allow anyone else to use your equipment.  You must close your browser session once you have logged out of the online banking service and close any other device or mobile phone used to access of the services.