To comply with the law and to protect you and your money - when applying for an account or product with the Credit Union, we'll need some documents to go with your application.  To find out what we require from you, simply select the category you fall under.

Having trouble providing the correct documents?
Please contact our friendly team on 03336 000690 for advice. We will do what we can to help.

If applying by post: As we cannot return documents received in the post; valuable personal ID documents should be photocopied and certified by a regulated professional person or someone holding a position of responsibility (eg lawyer, banker, doctor, dentist, teacher, bank/building society manager, minister of religion, JP, post/sub-post master, local authority official).
The person certifying must sign and print date, name, position held, organisation name (or official stamp) and state “original seen” and where applicable “photo is a true likeness of the applicant”.