Pre Paid Debit Card

Pay-as-you-go Debit card

Not an account, but a useful way to pay!

Product information

PAYG Debit card

Our Pay-as-you-go card gives you all you could want from a payment card, but you can never spend more than you have loaded onto the card. It only takes 10 minutes to apply, simply download an application form and return to head office when complete. Note: you will need a mobile phone to complete the activation of your card and to access your PIN.

  • Our card costs just £10.50
  • Our card comes with £5.00 to spend
  • There are no annual or monthly fees
  • There are no charges for making a purchase
  • 50p will be charged each time you load the card
  • There is a 75p charge for using an ATM in the UK