New Debit Card and Account

Pay-as-you-go Debit card and account

Like a current account, but you can't go overdrawn

Product information

PAYG Debit card and account

Our Pay-as-you-go card gives you all you could want from a payment card, but you can never spend more than you have loaded onto the card. It only takes 10 minutes to apply and you can apply online. Note: you will need an email account to complete the activation of your card. Accepted anywher you see the Mastercard® logo. Please note this is not a credit card. Our card is provided in partnership with the Change Account.

  • Card and registration FREE
  • You will be able to setup standing orders, faster payments and direct debits (50p each)
  • The account comes with a sort-code and account number
  • The account costs just £2.00 monthly
  • There are no charges for making a purchase
  • If you use a partner retailer you can get discount rewards
  • There is a 70p charge for using an ATM in the UK
  • 24/7 UK based customer support
  • Online & mobile account management