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Top-Up Loan

Need a little extra?

Have you made half of your loan repayments? We may be able to help by granting a Top-Up Loan.

Do you need a little bit more credit before your existing loan is paid off? You could get your Top-Up loan the same working day your application is approved. Just follow the link below and apply for the additional amount you need.

If your repayments are staying the same, and you sign your agreement online before 3.00 pm you could get your loan the same working day it is approved. Just like all our other loans, your repayments will be fixed, and you can choose your payment date.

  • Money Quickly
  • Fixed Repayments
  • Clear Rates
  • No fees for Topping Up
  • You do not need to register online to apply

Subject to application, financial circumstances and borrowing history

What do I need to know?

Am I eligible?

If you have made more than half of the repayments on your existing loan and have managed your account well, you are welcome to apply for a Top-Up loan. We will check that there are no new issues on your credit history – eg, you’ve not defaulted on another form of credit, and the repayments are still affordable and within our lending policy.

How does topping up work?

When you Top Up a loan, we add the new money to your existing loan. You will see on your Loan agreement, the amount of new credit, the outstanding balance, the interest due, then the total amount repayable.

For example, if your current loan is £300 and you want to borrow an extra £500, your new loan balance will increase to £800. There are no early repayment charges on the first loan or admin charges.

Can I repay my Top-Up loan early?

Just like with all our other loans, you can repay your loan early, in part or in full, whenever you like. There are no fees for either in part or full repayment.

How long can I borrow over?

Loans are available for repayment terms of up to 5 years, from the date of the first loan. Please contact us to check the date and if you need to increase repayments to fit the repayments within 5 years.

How much will it cost?

Use the sliders to adjust how much you’d like to borrow and over how many months. You will need to add together your existing amount and the additional amount together to get an idea of the repayments and interest.

Not Available Online

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03336 000690

Monthly Repayment £00.00 *
Total Repayment £00.00 *
* Representative example.

Borrowing £00.00 over Months will cost £00.00/month. Total amount repayable is £00.00 which includes interest at 42.6% APR.

The figures given above are for illustrative purposes only and may not be the APR you receive. The actual interest rates and repayment amounts may vary subject to loan amount and status.

How do I apply?

  1. Apply online

    Click the link above to complete a Loan application. Please only apply for the additional amount you need.
    Please ensure you complete the Income & Expenditure form. We need to ensure the repayments are affordable based on your current financial situation.

  2. Submit any additional information requested

    Please look out for an email from the Loans Officer asking for additional information. We may need to clarify your income and expenditure via Consents.Online.

  3. Sign your digital loan agreement

    We will email you a digital loan agreement. Please follow the steps on the email to submit your digital signature.
    Remember to check the bank details on the agreement before signing!

  4. Money Received

    We will release your loan to the bank details on your agreement, the same day if you have signed it by 3pm.

    If you are repaying by Standing Order and this needs to be increased, we will need to receive the increased Standing Order before we will release the Top-Up loan

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Members of ABCUL

Members of ABCUL

Your money is protected up to £85,000

Your money is protected up to £85,000

Authorised and Regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority

Authorised and Regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority

Members of ABCUL

Your money is protected up to £85,000

Authorised and Regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority