Specialist Home Loans

Specialist Loans

Only available to residents in Suffolk

Greener Homes

Greener Homes interest free loans are available for energy saving measures such as insulation, and for renewable energy installations such as solar water heating, solar photovoltaics (generating electricity) and heat pumps. Loans are only available for approved materials and technologies. Your installation must be approved by the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS).

Loans are only available to residents of Suffolk and there are a limited number available.

The leaflet here gives examples of loan amounts and what you would expect to pay.

Heating Oil

ESLCU in partnership with the Suffolk Warmer Homes initiative are able to offer a limited number  of interest free loans for individuals to buy heating oil.

We know it can be a real challenge to buy a whole tank of oil in one go and to get the best deals on oil prices.

Getting the best price for oil can be achieved through buying as part of a consortium. If you are in a consortium already, that's great, but we can also sign you up to the Suffolk ACRE Oil buying consortium. The cost of joining the ACRE scheme is £20 and we can add this to the sum you are borrowing for oil.

Interest free loans are limited to the first two tank fills per household.

You will need to complete a loan application form and the maximum loan you can apply for is £400.00. We will pay the loan directly to your preferred oil supplier. You may borrow up to £75 more than your current quote for a tank of oil in order to allow for daily variations in the price of oil.

The loan application form is available here.