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If you are thinking about a short break away, or a longer escape we can get you there with an ESLCU Holiday Loan. The flexibility of our Holiday Loan allows you to borrow an amount which exactly meets your needs. Having the funds available to pay for your holiday gives you the flexibility to shop around for your ideal holiday.

  • Loan decision by people not computers
  • 1.5% and 3% interest per month on the decreasing balance (19.6% APR – 42.6% APR)
  • Repay weekly, fortnightly or monthly

How does it work?

Join the Credit Union & apply for a loan.

Once approved, sign the loan agreement and set up your repayments to your Credit Union account. 

Your first repayment will stay in your Credit Union account available for you to withdrawal.

Your loan is transferred to your bank account same working day. 

Start leafing through travel brochures and get out your suitcases!


It is easy to apply

You can join us online and apply for the loan the same day, all on our website. If you would prefer to do it on paper, you can also download the Membership application form, and Loan application form. Complete all the details then return it to us. 

You may you need to provide proof of your income

  1. Payslips/proof of benefits for last three months
  2. Bank statements for the last three months
  3. Information on all existing loans, credit cards and other debts.

Note: Loan repayments are due during the whole term of the loan. Failure to make scheduled loan repayments will lead to arrears action and may affect your credit history.


What is a Holiday Loan?

If you our a member of our Credit Union, you could have a loan for holiday. This is conditional upon you setting up a standing order or payroll deduction into your account with us and passing our affordability and credit checks. 

Who can apply for a Holiday Loan?

Anyone who lives or works in Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire, or work for one of Payroll Partners like Greene King, East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust or East of England Coop. (Full list of Partners) can join ESLCU and apply.

My Holiday loan has been approved, how long before the funds are in my account?

If you loan is approved, you will need to sign a loan agreement. We will release the funds the same day we confirm your loan repayments and have the signed loan agreement back.

Can I “top up” a Holiday loan?

You can top up your loan when you have paid ½ of your original loan. You can track the balance of your loan by registering for online banking, or calling us on 03336 000690

Can I get a normal loan with you?

Once you have repaid ½ of your original loan, you will be eligible to apply for a starter loan. The amount we lend you will depend on your income and expenditure and passing a credit check.

Can I pay my loan back early? Are there any fees for this?

You can clear the balance of a loan at any time and we do not charge any fee for this.