Car Loan

Car Loan

We sort the finance. You choose the car

Knowing you've got the money sorted can help get a better deal.

Whether you choose a new or used car, or need to do some repairs, a loan from ESL Credit Union can help spread the cost. Our loans are available to finance the cost of a car or repairs up to £7,500.

  • No hidden fees for setting up your car loan or settling early
  • Competitive interest rates & you only pay interest on the reducing balance
  • Fixed repayments to suit your budget
  • Top-up option

More bargaining power


Knowing how much you can borrow really helps when hunting for a new or used car. Our website has handy loan calculator sliders showing how much the repayments will be over a term that you choose. Our loan calculator will also show you how much you will repay in total if you choose to finance your car with a loan. Our aim is to be as clear and upfront with our members, putting you in control.

Our loans are only available to our members. You're a member when you have a share account with us. Find out more about members. If you already have a loan with us and need more funds, you can apply to increase your borrowing with us when you are halfway though your current loan. 

It's quick and easy to apply and if you loan is approved, the funds will be within 2 hours of us getting the loan agreement back and receiving confirmation of repayments. This could give you more bargaining power in the showrooms and forecourts, as you'll have cash to hand