We are replacing your PayPoint cards


We will be sending replacement PayPoint cards to members that are regular or recent users within the next few weeks.

We apologise for any inconvenience whilst cards are replaced.

Your current PayPoint card may be branded with any of the Ipswich & Suffolk Credit Union, Norfolk Credit Union or Eastern Savings & Loans identities and the replacement will carry a simple "Credit Union" brand.

You will be able to use your new card to make cash payments at Post Offices, Co-op stores and other retailers that display the PayPoint sign.

PayPoint and Post Office logos

If you make payments using a PayPoint card, it can take about 2 working days for the money to arrive at our bank, so please allow for the dates to be different.

Please keep PayPoint receipts until you have seen the transaction on your credit union account. This will either be shown in your passbook or on an ESLCU statement. In the event of a dispute, PayPoint need to see the receipt.

If you would like to request a PayPoint card, please call us on 0336 000690 or contact usĀ here.