Summer Holiday Packing Tips


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Summer holiday packing tips

The chance to get away from it all, a change of scenery and the opportunity to soak up a little sunshine is something we all deserve. We are always looking to help our members, so we have put together some of our top packing tips. If you are planning a trip away splashing in the sea, exploring the countryside or simply enjoying quality family time, here are a few ideas to make the packing process as stress free as possible.

Make a packing list
This will ensure you don’t forget anything, but more importantly it helps you not to over pack!

Go large and share.
Many airlines now charge extra for hold baggage, so it makes sense to make the most of your weight allowance. A good tip is to share a suitcase with whoever you are traveling with and take a side each. But do remember to weigh the case before you leave and check you are not over the weight limit. The additional charges can be very expensive.

Keep Calm and Carry on.
Just because you have paid extra for the hold baggage doesn’t mean you cannot use the maximum hand luggage allowance too! If you have got items you couldn’t squeeze into your main luggage then pop them into your hand luggage. Keep aside bulky things like big jumpers for your hand luggage as it makes it easier when you are going through security.

When only the best will do
Don’t take your second favourite thing, because the chances are you will never use or wear them. For example if you have 4 dresses and 2 are your favourites and the other 2 are just ok, you are never going to wear the 2 ok ones, so just pack your favourites.

More tops than bottoms
Just take a few bottoms, jeans, shorts or leggings, and refresh with different tops and accessories. This is especially true for kids, there is always a tendency to pack them completely fresh outfits for each day.

2 shoe max
Shoes are often the bulkiest item, and heaviest. If you wear your bulkiest pair on the plane, and pack an easy to carry pair in your bag, you can save loads of space and weight!

Sarong vs towel
It’s a brave choice but packing a lightweight sarong instead of a bulky beach towel can save so much space! It is good if you are just lying on the beach, and it will dry you off too. It is easier to pack and you will not need to lug it down to the beach / pool each day. There is a wide range of colours available, keeping everyone in the family happy.

USB or not to be
Most gadgets can be charged via USB, so to save space by taking one international adaptor with lots of USB points, it can really save space.

Spaghetti cable
By using hair bobbles to tie up your cables, will stop them getting into a tangled mess and also means you do not have to rummage through your case looking for a spare bobble when you need one.

Small but mighty
If you are staying in a hotel and you are not fussy on shower gel or shampoo, most hotels do provide some, so you can leave these at home. There are some products you can not just live without, but in other areas, see if you can find products that do a few different jobs. 2-in-1 products like a BB cream instead of foundation, as they can also have a good SPF rating. Freeing up space for sun cream, plasters and deodorant.

Leave some space
Do remember to leave a little bit of free space in your case for souvenirs, gifts and presents for yourself.