Decorating ideas for a rented home


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It can be frustrating when you long to put your own stamp on your living space but you don't want to wasting money or make any permanent changes.

Here are a few ideas to help make your house your home.

Fresh, clean, and bright.

It is always best to check with your tenancy agreement or landlord if you can paint a room. Most landlords will be more open to changes than you think. Neutral colours are not only cheaper but also provide a fresh and flexible backdrop for your real investment – the things you can take with you if you move.

Light it up!

Lighting is a key area that can be neglected when you do not own your own home and can make a massive difference to the feel of a room. Investing in small but interesting lamps with fun shades can not only can add instant ambience to a room but also help detract from less appealing characteristics too.

The light-bulbs you use can also have effect on your room, using a lower wattage or even a filament can create a lovely evening glow. If you do change any fixtures, make sure you pack them away carefully, so you can put it back to the way it was when you move out.

Don’t look down

Ugly flooring is one of the main issues with rental properties. Changing carpets can be a big investment, and not always possible. Investing in some rugs can be an inexpensive way to add colour and interest. If you want to hide carpet that is not a neutral colour, a large neutral rug to cover as much as possible without clashing is a must.

Dress to impress

Changing the window dressing, or just adding them is a cheap quick fix that will have a big impact. Remember to store away any original dressing away, so you can take yours with you. Bamboo blinds can be easily trimmed to size and add instant warmth and texture. Bold curtains can also add interest and provide a feature to a neutral room.

Get creative

Finishing touches like bed linen and cushions can be easy to forget but choosing harmonious pieces can really make a difference to your space. You could layer up subtle neutrals or go for bold colours with a patterned bedspread. Being able to mix and match your linen enables you keep it all tied together, so look for bed linen that works together. Asking family or friends if they have spare fabric to make your own cushions, can help to create unique, homely feel to your home.

Fix and fit

Changing the handles on kitchen or bathroom cupboards or wardrobe doors can be a great way to reduce the impact of plain unappealing doors. By choosing a handle that is slightly unusual can really draw the eye and divert attention especially in a small space. They can be relativity easy to fit, and as before keep the originals so you can replace them when its time to move out.