1p Savings Challenge


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1p Savings Challenge

The idea behind the challenge is that you save an increasing amount per day. Day one you save 1p, day two you save 2p, three you save 3p until you’re saving £3.65 by the last day of the challenge.

The first few weeks are obviously easy as you’ll have to put away £5 from your budget for the month. However, by the end of the challenge, the total for the month is £105! that’s a lot of money for any month, let alone December, so we have also got savings plan to do it backwards! This means you’ll start by saving £3.65 on day one, £3.64 on day two and by the last few days you’ll be putting away just pennies.

The challenges can be easily adapted, and the charts are undated, so you can start at any point, and pick up saving if you miss a few days.
To start your saving challenge today, download the trackable chart, by click to open in the printable PDF and challenge yourself to save over £650!


365 1p Savings Challenge - Download Printable 1p Savings Challenge

Backwards 365 1p Savings Challenge - Download Printable Backwards 1p Savings Challenge